We’re a Home Away from Home

First graders caring for a baby chick.

At St. Malachy School, we believe your child should feel just as comfortable, warm and welcome in our classroom as in your own home. Here, no one is alone. One look around and you will find open doors and open arms. Consider us your child’s home away from home. A place that’s committed to feeding a student’s mind, body and soul. We give your child the care and attention of family. We restrict building admittance to only authorized staff, students and their families, and approved visitors.

Our teachers truly care about all of our students. Further, teachers know our students’ families, and collaborate with them to best serve our students’ academic, emotional and spiritual needs.

We also offer counseling services for our students and their families.

“The Staff knows my child by name, my whole family” -Parent

“I’ve had several family members attend St. Malachy. I couldn’t believe when I walked in the door, how many people I knew!” –Parent

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