A College-Prep High School is Our Goal for Your Child

At St. Malachy School, we pride ourselves on our top-quality academics as shown by where our graduates attend high school. We have helped our students achieve their goals by getting into some of the area’s top schools, including De La Salle, Notre Dame, St. Ignatius, Loyola Academy, Fenwick, Holy Trinity, and Christ the King. Further, the high schools report that our graduates consistently place on their honor rolls for academic achievement, demonstrating the strong academic base they formed at our school.

We also strive to assist our students in securing financial aid for high school. We work with our 8th grade students and families to apply for many scholarships including the Daniel Murphy scholarship program and LINK Unlimited, both support students financially through a four year college prep high school.

For example, at a time when all High School Scholarship Foundations have dramatically reduced the number of scholarships to be awarded, St. Malachy Class of 2015 received:

  • 2 Daniel Murphy Foundation Scholarships
  • 2 L.I.N.K. Unlimited Scholarships
  • 4 Holy Family Scholarships
  • 3 Holy Trinity Feeder Scholarships
  • 2 Chicago Lights Scholarships
  • 2 Big Shoulders STEM Scholarships
  • 2 Big Shoulders JCB Family Scholarships
  • 3 Big Shoulders Access Scholarship
  • 1 Friends of St. Malachy Scholarship
  • 1 Friends of Big Shoulders Scholarship
  • 1 Mercy Home After Care Scholarship

This totals over $87,000 for the graduates first year of high school. By maintaining the required GPA students will receive the awarded amount for all four years of high school. That is over $350,000. The remaining tuition is covered by the high schools’ financial aid programs, allowing parents to pay a small fraction of the tuition required to attend these prestigious high schools.

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