Financial Help Now and For High School

The Class of 2015 the day Kyle Long visited.

No child will ever be turned down due to financial reasons.

We are committed to working with every family to ensure that all children are able to receive a St. Malachy education. Through our support and the support of outside funding that we receive through various organizations and scholarship providers, we work to try to provide adequate financial assistance to our families. We encourage you to stop in or call our Principal, Bridgid Miller, to discuss these opportunities. All financial aid discussions are treated in a professional, confidential matter.

We also strive to assist our students in securing financial aid for high school. We work with our 8th grade students and families to apply for many scholarships. For example, the St. Malachy Class of 2015 was awarded 24 renewable scholarships for high school. By maintaining the required GPA students will receive the awarded amount for all four years of high school. That is over $350,000.

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